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How to Layer Necklaces with Infinity Clips - InfinityClips

How to Layer Necklaces with Infinity Clips

Have a few necklaces you would love to layer but the lengths aren’t quite right? Infinity Clips can also adjust the length of your necklace chains for easy layering. Simply attach an Infinity Clip to each chain you would like shortened to achieve perfect spacing between layers.

How To Layer Necklace Chains

The easiest way to shorten necklace chains for layering with Infinity Clips is to first put on the necklaces you would like to layer. Next, decide on the length of each chain that needs to be shortened and attach an Infinity Clip for a perfectly layered look.

Customer review images courtesy of B. Bianconi


Infinity Clip Sets are Ideal for Layering Multiple Chains

Our Infinity Clip sets are available in multiples of two or three clips in small & large sizes and are perfect for shortening multiple chains.