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Infinity Clips Necklace Chain Shortening Size Guide - InfinityClips

Infinity Clips Necklace Chain Shortening Size Guide

Infinity Clips are available in two sizes to fit a variety of chain types including box chains, small link chains, rope chains, curb chains and others up to 2.5mm. Need help deciding what size Infinity Clip will work best with your size necklace? Read on...

Necklace Chain Thickness

Necklace chains come in a variety of widths and are measured in millimeters. The standard necklace size for women is 1mm, with 1mm - 2mm chains being the most common. The "thickness" of a necklace chain is its measured width from side to side. Some chains, such as Rope chains, have a similar thickness all around while others, such as flat Figaro or Curb chains, are wider on one side. Although the overall thickness can vary on a chain based on the design, the measurement is taken at the widest point.

For the purposes of Infinity Clip sizing, on chains that have a decorative element such as a ball spaced between chain lengths in a satellite chain, we want to take the measurement of the chain lengths where the InfinityClips would be attached.


How To Measure Your Necklace Chain Size

The easiest and most accurate method for determining chain thickness is by using a caliper. If you do not have a caliper or mm ruler on hand, below are two tools to help you measure your chain size for Infinity Clip sizing.

Scale To Image

You can use the following chart to determine your necklace thickness by sizing the image on screen to a US quarter for scale.


Printable MM Ruler for Measuring Necklace Chain Thickness

If you have access to a printer, you can also download this printable PDF which includes a mm ruler and measuring guide.


1. Print this PDF to actual size or 100% scale to determine your chain thickness. Do not Fit, Shrink or Scale below 100% for accurate measurements.

2. Measure the thickness of your necklace chain using the mm ruler or scale chart provided below.

3. Once you have your chain size measurement, go to to find the size Infinity Clip you need to shorten your necklace.

SMALL INFINITY CLIPS shorten necklace chains between 0.8mm & 1.3mm wide and/or thick.

LARGE INFINITY CLIPS shorten necklace chains between 1.3mm & 2.5mm wide and/or thick.