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How to Shorten a Chain Necklace with Infinity Clips - InfinityClips

How to Shorten a Chain Necklace with Infinity Clips

You’ve found the perfect necklace to go with that amazing dress but the length is just a bit too long? Infinity Clips is the ideal solution for temporarily shortening the length of thin necklace chains!

Its Easy To Shorten a Necklace Chain With Infinity Clips

With infinity Clips, you can easily shorten your necklace chains to any length without the need for permanent shortening by a jeweler or having to purchase multiple chains for your favorite pendants. Simply attach an Infinity Clip at your desired length and you now have a necklace to match any outfit.

Tips: necklace ends should be secured before shortening. Do not remove the cushion insert since it is necessary for shortening operation to hold chains in place. Position a single chain on each side of the center prong for secure hold.

Watch the Video Tutorial 

How to shorten

See how easy it is to shorten a necklace chain with Infinity Clips