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2-Piece Small/Large Necklace Shortener Set

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♥︎ Shorten & layer thin necklace chains with ease.

♥︎ Temporarily adjust your necklaces to the perfect length without damage.

♥︎ Suitable for rope, snake, cable chains and more.

♥︎ Exclusive patented design- the only necklace shortener for thin chains!

♥︎ 100% Happiness Guaranteed! Don't love it? Simply send it back

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Shorten Thin Chains

Adjust the lengths of your favorite necklaces to match your outfit and style.

Perfect Layering

Shorten individual necklace chains for a perfectly layered look.

Save Time & Money

No need for permanent shortening by a jeweler or having to buy multiple length chains.

Small & Large Sizes

Shorten necklace chains up to 2.5mm thick including box chains, rope chains and more! 

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